Your Wealthy Future Begins Now

You’ve been doing all of the “right” things: limiting your expenses, paying extra each month on your mortgage and tucking away money into your company pension plan yet you feel like you aren’t getting ahead.

What gives?

Get ready to find out…

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Real Estate - Why Real Estate

We believe that anyone can build generational wealth with the proper understanding, tools and support.

Your teachers said…

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said go to school

… go to school and get good grades so you can find a good paying job with benefits and a defined benefit or company match pension plan.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said buy a house and pay mortgage

… save as much as you can to form a down payment to buy a home and begin paying off the mortgage as fast as you can.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said save in 401k ira rrsp tfsa

… maximize your 401(k) / IRA / RRSP / TFSA contributions and buy a mutual fund your big bank advisor recommends to “diversify” your portfolio.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said dont buy real estate

purchasing real estate is too hard, too expensive and much too risky for anyone who isn’t already “rich” and has money to lose.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said you cant invest in the stock market yourself

investing in the stock market is too complex to do without your financial advisor and impossible to learn to do on your own without simply gambling.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said whole life insurance is bad

… you should always buy term life insurance and invest the rest and never purchase participating whole life insurance.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Your teachers said businesses are for the lucky

… only certain types of people can be entrepreneurs. Starting a business or “side hustle” requires luck and is always a gamble.

How’s that working out for you?

How’s that working out for them?


There is another way. Let us help you get there.

We Are Canadian Wealth Secretss… 

Canadian Wealth Secrets - About - Grow your wealth and your life fulfilment bucket

…3 teachers who have committed their lives to learning what we should have been taught all along.


Have you ever felt like for decades you were doing what you thought were the right things?

You know: living under your means, saving that down payment for a home, paying extra on your mortgage each month, taking advantage of company match retirement opportunities, maybe even putting some money into mutual funds.

Then, a year or ten down the road, it dawns on you…

Your mortgage balance has decreased some, your retirement plan has some money in it (but not enough to retire on) and you aren’t buried under a bunch of credit card debt, but there is still one problem:

Your lifestyle is exactly the same and you certainly don’t feel any wealthier than you did when you first started.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then you’ll definitely fit in here.

That was exactly how we felt when we were trying to do “all the right things” that traditional schooling taught us.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - About - Youll Fit In Here Puzzle Pieces

Before we go on, let’s be clear on one thing:

Following the traditional approach outlined above in school certainly is better off than living above your means, building no equity in appreciating assets (i.e.: a primary residence) and setting aside some money that might make retirement a little more comfortable.

The problem is the sacrafices one must make for what feels like a not so great payoff in the end.

It begs one to question whether this traditional approach to teaching financial responsibility is a path to building wealth and financial freedom or whether it is just a path to just scraping by?

What if there was a better way?

Canadian Wealth Secrets - About - Idea to Build Wealth Another Way

We are 3 teachers – 2 math teachers and a history teacher – who had the same wonder. 

Each of us had a very different experience with money growing up, but all three of us were eager to build wealth as a means to live on our own terms by creating financially stablity.

To be clear: each of us are passionate about teaching and we love our jobs, but we have also wanted to ensure that we positioned ourselves financially so that we could ultimately make decisions on our terms and take advantage of opportunities that many who are stuck “working for the (wo)man” are not able to. 

To these Canadian Wealth Secretss, that is what building wealth is all about: being able to break the golden handcuffs that a good paying job might provide you and be able to live life comfortably and confidently on your own terms. 

Canadian Wealth Secrets - About - Financial Freedom Break Golden Handcuffs

Training Invested Students, Like You!

You know what they say:

Once a teacher, always a teacher.

Throughout our careers as teachers, we have worked tirelessly to learn and execute a variety of investment strategies and wealth building tactics to determine which ones and in what order would be most repeatable for others in a similar situation (earning between $50k to $120k per year). The passionate educator in us can’t help but want to share what we’ve learned along the way with others – just like you!

We like to think of the Canadian Wealth Secrets community of learners as Invested Students.

How Can You Become an Invested Student?

As educators, we truly believe that every student can learn and achieve at high levels.

The few differences between one student to the next is their starting point and how much time and effort will be necessary to achieve the next step in the learning process.

That’s it.

The same is true for those interested in becoming an Invested Student.

For some, they will enter further along the learning curve and progress with what might seem to outsiders like a “natural talent” or skills that they were “born with”.

For others, they’ll start right from the beginning and progress will seem slow and difficult.

Regardless of your entry point, becoming an Invested Student requires only 1 thing: will.

If you have the will to become an Invested Student with the Canadian Wealth Secretss as your mentors, you have the willpower, grit, determination, discipline, decisiveness and drive to make ongoing progress and reach your goal of financial freedom to live your life on your own terms.  

The Pathway to Success Isn’t a Secret

The steps to achieving success in most areas of life are not a secret, nor are they complex on the surface.

Take health, for example:

Consume an appropriate amount of (mostly) nutritious food and exercise regularly. 

Or, schooling:

Pay attention in class, complete required work and study until you know, understand and can do the work. 

Or, love/relationships:

Be kind, caring, empathetic, open and honest. 

The path to success in the above areas of life are pretty simple and straightforward. 

The same is true for achieving success when it comes to personal finance.

So what gives? Why do so many people struggle in the areas of health, schooling, love and personal finance

As it turns out, while each path for success in these pilars of life may be simple at the surface, committing to a plan and sticking with it are easier said than done.

That is why so many people who have success in one or more of these pilars of life typically have a mentor or coach to help them get there.

Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow

The steps to becoming an Invested Student aren’t a secret.

  • Paydown bad debt;
  • Don’t spend more than you make;
  • Minimize your depreciating expense purchases; and,
  • Maximize your appreciating asset purchases.

Simple, right?

Of course, we know that these steps to financial freedom are simple on the surface, but like the other pilars of life, they are more challenging to stick to. 

Throughout our Canadian Wealth Secrets channels including this website, the podcast, YouTube channel and social media accounts, we plan to guide you through this journey so you can become the Invested Student that will lead you to financial freedom.

Meet The Canadian Wealth Secretss 

Kyle Pearce

Kyle is a former secondary mathematics teacher who is 15 years into his financial freedom journey and now spends a significant amount of time assisting investors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth clients maximize their returns while minimizing their tax burden as a financial and insurance advisor.

He loves the teaching and learning process so much that he was the K-12 Mathematics Consultant for a school district in Ontario, Canada and has co-founded a passive income generating online math professional development company with fellow Canadian Wealth Secrets, Jon Orr.

Kyle is also actively investing in real estate investor and stock options trading with another fellow Canadian Wealth Secrets, Matt Biggley. Together, they co-own the real estate investment corporation, North Shore Properties that holds multi-family residential and commerical real estate. Currently, the company owns and manages over 30 units.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Kyle Pearce Profile Picture - MathletePearce
Canadian Wealth Secrets - Matthew Biggley Profile Picture Headshot

Matt Biggley

Matt is a former secondary history teacher and guidance counsellor who has expanded on his education leadership experiences to apply them as a successful Windsor-Essex County realtor

His love of teaching and learning led Matt to take his principal qualifications, but rather than applying those leadership skills as an administrator in a school, he’s turned to the real estate industry!

Matt has experience buying, beautifying and selling homes with his wife, Leslie (@thelesliestyle) and their many projects have attracted the attention of big brands and media outlets such as HGTV.

Aside from loving his work as a realtor and guide to his real estate clients, Matt is always on the lookout for the next North Shore Properties investment he and Kyle can snag up together. 

Jon Orr

Jon is a secondary mathematics teacher who is earlier along his financial freedom journey after teamming up with Kyle back in 2018 to launch their Make Math Moments side-hustle business doing the work he loves: helping more students learn more math in effective and engaging ways.

It didn’t take long for Jon to realize that Kyle had investment and wealth building plans for the extra cashflow they were generating through their passion project math business. Being a lifelong learner, Jon listened to all of the recommended audiobooks, podcasts and engaged in long mentorship conversations to shift his mindset from a save and spend mentality to an investor’s mindset.

The first substaintial amount of profit Jon generated from his portion of his side-hustle business went towards a real estate joint venture (JV) partnership with Kyle and Matt’s North Shore Properties and they continue to partner on deals as opportunities arise. Jon is now an active real estate investor, stock options trader, and Ontario Mortgage Agent.

Canadian Wealth Secrets - Jon Orr Profile Picture Headshot

Design Your Wealth Management Plan

Crafting a robust corporate wealth management plan for your Canadian incorporated business is not just about today—it's about securing your financial future during the years that you are still excited to be working in the business as well as after you are ready to step away. The earlier you invest the time and energy into designing a corporate wealth management plan that minimizes income taxes and maximizes the capital available for investment, the more time you have for your net worth to grow and compound over the years to create generational wealth and a legacy that lasts.

Don't wait until tomorrow—lay the foundation for a successful corporate wealth management plan today.

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Protecting Canadian incorporated business owners, entrepreneurs and investors with support regarding corporate structuring, legal documents, insurance and related protections.

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Unique, efficient and compliant  Canadian income tax strategies that incorporated business owners and investors would be using if they could, but unfortunately never had access to until now.

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Grow your net worth into a legacy that lasts generations with a corporate wealth management strategy that leverages tax-efficient structures while creating safety by minimizing volatility.