Personal and Corporate Wealth Management Strategies

Our Wealth Management strategies are designed to serve Canadian entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors through three (3) strategic pillars:

  • Personal and Corporate Asset Protection and Preservation Tools;
  • Personal and Corporate Income Tax Minimization Strategies; and,
  • Generational Wealth and Legacy Creation Strategies.

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Corporate Wealth Management Made Easy

Canadian T4 employees, entrepreneursbusiness owners, and investors spend half of their waking hours on average working to earn more income and as a result, they pay more income taxes.

When is the last time you focused on your personal or corporate wealth management strategy to minimize income taxes so you can work less, invest more, and create a legacy that lasts generations as a result?

Learn Canadian Wealth Secrets through hidden investment and tax minimization strategies so good your financial advisor and accountant won’t believe they’re true.

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Canadian Wealth Secrets Podcast Cover - Entreprenuers, Business Owners, Investors and High Net Income High Net Worth

Canadian Wealth Secrets Podcast

Your weekly dose from The Canadian Wealth Secrets Team helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors to grow their wealth into a legacy that lasts generations through hidden investment and tax secrets your financial advisors won’t believe are true.


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Are you wondering whether your financial plan is going to lead to that wealthy Canadian lifestyle you envision for your future?

Canadian Wealth Secrets is an informative podcast that digs into the intricacies of building a robust portfolio, maximizing dividend returns, the nuances of real estate investment, and the complexities of business finance, while offering expert advice on wealth management, navigating capital gains and passive income taxes, and understanding the role of financial institutions in personal finance.

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Get Started With Our Wealth Building Book List

Maybe you’re just trying to get your feet wet and receive a bit of guidance as to where to begin…

Digging into our catalogue of the best investment books out there can help you start your wealth building journey by shifting your mindset and taking action.

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Design Your Wealth Management Plan

Craft your personal or corporate wealth management plan with the Canadian Wealth Secrets team to put you on the fast track to achieving financial freedom and building a legacy that lasts through the creation of generational wealth. We’ll co-create a customized wealth management plan to minimize income tax exposure and maximize the amount of capital you have available to invest into wealth building assets.

Book a free discovery call to take your next step.

Are You a Canadian Incorporated Entrepreneur With Retained Earnings?

Protect Your Profits From Income Tax

Want to save a significant amount of income tax each year while increasing your tax sheltered net worth?

Our efficient, unique and compliant corporate wealth management structure will allow you to minimize your income tax burden while creating a legacy that lasts through generational wealth.

The Best Corporate Wealth Management and Income Tax Minimization Company

Canadian Wealth Secrets Wealth Management Planning - Preserve Your Estate Value

Your Holistic Wealth Management Team

We work collaboratively to design customized, high-impact personal and corporate wealth management strategies that help our clients accelerate their wealth building by focusing on Canadian income tax minimization in order to repurpose your corporate revenue into investment capital for wealth creation.

Design Your Wealth Management Plan

Crafting a robust corporate wealth management plan for your Canadian incorporated business is not just about today—it's about securing your financial future during the years that you are still excited to be working in the business as well as after you are ready to step away. The earlier you invest the time and energy into designing a corporate wealth management plan that minimizes income taxes and maximizes the capital available for investment, the more time you have for your net worth to grow and compound over the years to create generational wealth and a legacy that lasts.

Don't wait until tomorrow—lay the foundation for a successful corporate wealth management plan today.

Insure & Protect

Protecting Canadian incorporated business owners, entrepreneurs and investors with support regarding corporate structuring, legal documents, insurance and related protections.

Income Tax Minimization

Unique, efficient and compliant  Canadian income tax strategies that incorporated business owners and investors would be using if they could, but unfortunately never had access to until now.

Generational Wealth

Grow your net worth into a legacy that lasts generations with a corporate wealth management strategy that leverages tax-efficient structures while creating safety by minimizing volatility.