Are Your Investment Priorities Out of Whack? Time for an Adjustment? [Secret Sauce Ep3]

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Your priorities may be out of whack and you’re focusing on the wrong things. Discover how a simple shift in mindset could transform your approach to business, personal, and financial success and happiness here in Canada.

Many of us find ourselves living to work rather than working to live. This common problem can lead to burnout, stress, and a lack of fulfillment in both personal, professional, financial, and investment lives. By tuning into this Secret Sauce episode of Canadian Wealth Secrets, you’ll gain insights into how to prioritize what matters so you can make sound financial and investment decisions.

Understanding and applying these principles can help you achieve a better work-life balance, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and success. The episode shares practical steps and real-life experiences to help you reassess your priorities and align your goals, making your pathway to financial freedom and personal happiness much clearer.

  • How lessons on work-life balance can help you with your financial goals
  • Discover practical strategies to prioritize your goals over the methods, leading to more effective decision-making.
  • Gain clarity on aligning your financial and personal goals, making your journey to wealth and happiness more straightforward.

Listen to this eye-opening episode now to start prioritizing your life effectively and achieve true success and happiness.


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  • …wondering whether your current corporate wealth management strategy is optimal for your specific situation.

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It’s possible your priorities are out of whack, and it’s time for an adjustment. This is another Canadian Wealth Secrets podcast, shorty, a Friday secret sauce episode, and I’ve got something for you to noodle on a little bit.

This comes from an experience I had in the last month, but also something I’ve heard about or seen and wanted to try out. Last month, I went on a family trip to Italy for a wedding. We spent a week there. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been to Europe outside of the United Kingdom. It felt different to be in Italy compared to North America. If you’ve been there before, you probably understand.

We spent most of our time in Tuscany, outside the city’s region, and it just has a different relaxed feeling. It wasn’t just because we were on vacation. We were talking to people who lived there and also to other travelers from different parts of Europe. I had heard that people treat work differently there, and I wanted to test that out.

I asked some people we met on a tour who were from Italy, visiting the same area. I asked them, “What do you do?” And I’d heard that Europeans might respond with something other than their job. Whereas in North America, we typically respond with our profession, like, “I’m a teacher,” or “I’m a lawyer.”

It was true. This couple I asked said they like to cook, cycle, hang out, read, and go on vacations. It was a different mindset. For them, they were working to live, making life experiences a priority. In contrast, many of us in North America live to work, putting work at the forefront.

This misalignment of priorities is common, even among business owners and entrepreneurs. Their goals can be out of whack. They often prioritize the “container” – the method or vehicle – over the goal or outcome. They might say, “I’m in real estate,” or “I’m in Bitcoin,” but those are just containers.

Prioritizing the goal clarifies strategies. Knowing your goal simplifies decisions about where to invest, because it aligns with your end goal. This relieves the pressure of questioning if you’re doing the right thing.

If your priorities are out of whack, take a moment to figure out your goals for the next 10, 15, or 20 years. Write it down, reverse engineer the pathway, and then consider the containers. Your goal will act as a filter to determine the appropriate containers and timelines.

If you’re still unclear, Kyle and I help business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-income earners align their containers with their goals. You can book a discovery call with us at We’ll help you ensure you get at least one big takeaway to implement in your Canadian wealth-building journey.

Get clear on your goals first. Enjoy your Friday!

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